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Revolutionizing Cloud Data Security

We founded ShardSecure™ to enable leading enterprises and government agencies to securely store and share their sensitive data in the cloud.  Our initial customers typically choose to add Microshard™ technology on top of encryption to provide an extra layer of defense to protect sensitive cloud data.


Microshard technology provides comprehensive data protection by limiting access, understandability and value of sensitive cloud data, without the cost structure and operational issues inherent in encryption. Our solution also helps lower our customer’s compliance burden, as Microshard PII (personally identifiable information) might no longer be considered PII given that microshard fragments have very little economic value to cyber criminals.


Many enterprises and government agencies remain reluctant to move sensitive data to the public cloud due to security concerns. ShardSecure’s Microshard technology gives customers the confidence to take advantage of public cloud’s cost and productivity benefits, knowing the data they store and share in the cloud is protected.

Secure Cloud Storage

Most large enterprises today continue to use centralized servers when they share files and documents with third-party vendors. Our ShardSecure appliance enables customers to securely share file and document with third parties in a hybrid, on-prem and cloud storage environment.

Secure File Sharing

Microshard technology adds a strong layer of defense to sensitive data held on internal NAS, SAN, storage arrays, and desktops.

Secure On-Prem Data Storage

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