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Revolutionizing Cloud Data Security

We founded ShardSecure™ to enable leading enterprises and government agencies to securely store and share their sensitive data in the cloud.

Our Microshard™ technology breaks sensitive data into tiny fragments and uses dispersion to deny access by unauthorized parties. Rapidly deployed on-prem or as a cloud-based virtual storage appliance, Microsharding anonymizes data and allows it to be reclassified as non-sensitive. Our product helps customers simplify their operational controls while lowering compliance complexity and audit costs.


Despite its benefits, many enterprises remain reluctant to move sensitive data to the public cloud due to security concerns.


ShardSecure’s Microshard technology gives customers the confidence to take advantage of public cloud’s cost and productivity benefits, knowing the data they store in the cloud has been rendered meaningless and inaccessible to would-be attackers, and is protected by ShardSecure™.

Secure Cloud Storage

Cloud misconfiguration is the number one cause of data breaches in the cloud.


Our Microsharding technology drastically reduces the sensitivity of data in the cloud, protecting customers against misconfiguration risks. ShardSecure™ is easy to deploy and manage with a virtual machine or as a container in the cloud.

Cloud Enablement

Government agencies like the New York State Department of Finance, who classes data protection as the number one threat within their jurisdiction, have begun mandating cybersecurity compliance, discouraging companies from excessive data concentration that puts them at risk for breach or loss.


ShardSecure™ lowers these compliance costs, as Microshard data is broken into indiscernible bits and distributed such that it is no longer considered ‘sensitive’.

Lower Compliance Costs

“In our opinion, microsharded sensitive data is no longer sensitive. As a result, ShardSecure™ has the potential to lower cyber risks and compliance costs while maintaining compliance with the spirit of European and US data protection regulations.” – UHY Advisors, “Microsharding a high performance alternative to current data protection” June 2019.

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