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Our product is deployed as an appliance (virtual or physical) in the storage path (SAN, NAS) and looks like a disk. It is also application-agnostic (we support files, streaming data, and databases).

Customers typically add Microshard™ technology on top of encryption to add an extra layer of defense to protect sensitive cloud data.


Microshard technology breaks data into little bits and distributes them across multiple locations including local disks and multiple cloud services.

  • Shard size can be set small enough to break the “atomic unit of value"

  • Solution can be amplified by “poisoning the well” with false shards

  • Can be layered with encryption

Data can only be reassembled if the attacker:

  • Knows all the locations where Microshard data data is distributed

  • Gains access to all of those locations

  • Knows how to isolate and reassemble the right Microshard data

Adds a strong layer to Defense In Depth, without the cost structure and manageability issues inherent in encryption

Multi-Cloud Support

ShardSecure™ Appliance is currently integrated with the top four cloud service providers including AWS, Azure, Google and IBM. We will be adding support for other leading cloud services in the coming months.

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