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Revolutionizing Cloud Data Security

Microshard™ technology delivers comprehensive protection for sensitive data in the cloud

ShardSecure™ Wins AWS "Judges' Favorite Startup" Award  

How does it work?

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Microshard technology breaks digital files into tiny bits that are inaccessible and incomprehensible to cyber criminals

We distribute Microshard data to multiple places including local storage, AWS, Azure, Google and IBM Cloud so they cannot be easily located

Our patent-pending technology reassembles Microshard data back into its original form without sacrificing performance

Accelerate Cloud Deployment with Peace of Mind Knowing Data is Secured

Add a strong layer of defense to mitigate the risk of misconfiguration in the cloud

Lower sensitivity of data and reduce compliance costs

Regain control of your data in the cloud, ensuring no one single cloud provider has the entire dataset

Improve workflow and operational efficiency with data protection that doesn’t impact performance

Future-proof your data protection strategy in the age of quantum computing

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